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Long Live Your Haircolor!

  Rainbow by Kristy!

Sun, chlorine, hot water, mineral deposits, and poorly formulated haircare products are all enemies of haircolor. Fight back! Shampooing with a professional color maintenance shampoo in cool water is the first step to long lasting color. Follow with a moisture rich conditioner to keep hair hydrated and healthy. If your hair is overly processed, ask your hair professional which reconstructive treatment is right for you. Avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs that leech hair of moisture and color. Sea salts strip away natural oils, leaving hair vulnerable to UV rays that attack color and shine. Use a hydrating leave-in conditioner with sunscreen and wear a hat to prevent premature fade-out.  Mineral deposits and hard water can make your hair look dull and lifeless. Before a hair color service, ask your color specialist about a clarifying treatment to release the build-up that blocks color molecules from penetrating, making your hair shiny and beautiful. A clear gloss after a color service acts as a topcoat on your hair, locking in pigments and keeping your hair lustrous and vibrant. Using a drug store box color is asking for trouble! Color correction is far more expensive than having a trusted stylist maintain your haircolor. It’s really very easy to keep your color brilliant and beautiful with the right knowledge!